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20th-Feb-2011 11:44 am
purple eyeshadow
friday night
i worked until like 8:30 and then came home and watched some glee and passed out

gym, wore a cute outfit, thrift store shopping got some cute clothes, cute shoes, and some good shirts to cut up yayy, then target and showed meredith my makeup secret :D and then ulta and got the best lipstick ever!!!! and then sallys for hair dye. then went grocery shopping and pretty much bought out aldis of everything fit and active haha then went home and did laundry and dyed hair and got ready! got some sushi with mae (look meredith i called you it haha)! had to call it an early night because i had to work sunday

woke up finished my laundry and got ready for work, got to work at 1030 gotta work until 330 then going to the parentals and cook/eat dinner and then home to clean up my room and watch some tv and chill gotta work all week and gym it up all week!!
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