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day 1 
21st-Feb-2011 02:35 pm
purple eyeshadow
1. i have never been out of the country or even west of mississippi
2. i bite my nails, been doing it since i was like 4
3. i have burnt myself in the shower before
4. i have an irrational paranoia of setting off the security alarms in stores
5. i have a scar on my foot
6. i change my hair based on my emotions
7. i hate feet
8. i say things weird like valentines, pen, can, both
9. when i am sad i drive through rich neighborhoods or go to hobby lobby
10. i have only flown twice in my whole
11. when i was little i wanted to be mark twain when i grew up, no not an author i wanted to be mark twain
12. i am obsessed with organizing/making lists/budgets
13. when i get upset about life i watch romantic movies that make me cry so i feel justified about crying
14. i want to make an impact and help people more than anything in the entire world
15. i nanny so i can pretend i am a kid again

i dont know if these were interesting or more like not as commonly known things about myself
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