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day 2 
22nd-Feb-2011 09:34 am
purple eyeshadow
i seriously have the best friends in the entire world. like seriously the people who have been in my life for a while are like amazing. they are my back bone and my strength to go on and the best cheerleaders for my life! even though we arent in each others lives as much because we are all in different places i cherish our moments together and i love you and i will always just be a call/text/fb/twitter away!!

my new best friends are just amazing! they are so fun and joyful and gorgeous people! i love finding out more about them and them finding out about me. i love new relationships and watching them blossom and i love yall so much you guys mean a lot to me! my life would be less gorgeous without yall in it!

i have two friends in particular who mean a lot to me! one is my music soulmate and you are like my long lost other half. i swear i have never met the sister from another mister as much as i do with you. its crazy how we have known each other for so such a long time but are just recently discovering how much we are like each other you are amazing and beautiful and encouraging and supportive and have incredible taste in music and boys haha

and to the other: my wifey...you are amazing it makes me sad to realize that we are not as close as we used to be but in the end i know it is what is suppose to happen. we have been through so much and i love you very much and will never be the same because of you. my family really has adopted you and see you as another member of the crazy messed moore family. you are amazing and i am happy that you are happy and i know that are lives are headed in different directions now but i am always here and will always be and can always come an get ya if needed! i love you very much and you should always know that i am cheering for you.
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