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day 3 
23rd-Feb-2011 02:13 pm
purple eyeshadow
my room
-beige walls
-hardwood floors
-black dresser with mirror
-platform bed
-pink/black sheets
-tree with birds on the wall
-initials on the wall
-paris/london/new york bulletin boards with pictures
-black and white decor board
-bulletin word with "this song means a city to me" on it
-pink skinny mirror on door
-black/white seat/ottoman with storage
-hair and make up products every where
-3 3-draw organizers
-2 laundry baskets
-2 bookshelves that are full

and currently right now its messy i need to clean it up which i will most likely be doing this weekend since i didnt manage my $ the best this month and now am outa monday because i gotta pay rent come tuesday and am not working friday of this week or wednesday of next week! YIKES!
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