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xoxorachaelleah's Journal

14 November
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always late. extreme eye makeup. music playing 24/7. getting into trouble. adventures with friends. lessons learned. making lists. being sarcastic. no regrets. know love. bruised knees over broken hearts. crazy hair. slouchy tees. skinny jeans. band boys.
13 reasons why, 500 days of summer, a million little pieces, across the universe, alice in wonderland, all time low, almost famous, amber pacific, anarbor, anberlin, artist vs poet, arttm, automatic loveletter, band boys, being inappropiate, bergdorf blondes, blow, boys like girls, breakfast at tiffany's, cartel, changing my hair color, cobra starship, cold case, community, coyote ugly, crash, criminal minds, csi, cute is what we, dancing, dashboard confessional, dazed and confused, death cab for cutie, disney, ellen hopkins, every avenue, fall out boy, family guy, fear and loathing lv, fight club, for one more day, forever the sickest kids, framing hanley, friday night lights, go ask alice, greek, half nelson, harry potter, hey monday, hit the lights, honeyhoney, hot chelle rae, impulse, intervention, jack's mannequin, jersey shore, jimmie deeghan, just surrender, katy perry, kevin brooks, kids in glass houses, kings of leon, lady gaga, lois duncan, lords of dogtown, lostprophets, makeup, mayday parade, midtown, morning glory, motion city soundtrack, music, my chemical romance, my favorite highway, my friend leonard, my sister's keeper, nanny diaries, naughty girls guide, nevershoutnever!, new found glory, nicholas sparks, one tree hill, paramore, perks being a wallflower, pictures, plain white t's, pretty in pink, red jumpsuit apparatus, rent, requiem for a dream, riding cars with boys, save the last dance, scrubs, sherwood, simple plan, smack, something corporate, sparks the rescue, speak, stepmom, sunshine cleaning, taking back sunday, tattoos and piercings, teenage dirtbag, the academy is..., the all-american rejects, the beatles, the big bang theory, the blind side, the cab, the cleaner, the dangerous summer, the downtown fiction, the giver, the hangover, the holiday, the lovely bones, the maine, the morning light, the nanny, the notebook, the postal service, the rocket summer, the shack, the spill canvas, the starting line, the summer set, the time traveler's wife, the twilight saga, there for tomorrow, this providence, transformers, valencia, vega under fire, waiting..., we the kings, ymaewk, zoolander