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27th-Feb-2011 10:01 am - day 6
purple eyeshadow
i want to still be dreaming
i want to be in a job i love (something with therapy)
i want to have children (adopted 2 boys, 1 girl)
i want to be in a good place financial
i want to be just as close with my family
i want to be out of alabama
i want to have important people in my life
i want still have a zeal for life
i want to be happy
i want to be self-sufficient
i want a new car by then haha
i want to always be me
i want to have traveled the world (at least some of it w plans to continue)
i want to love laugh
i want more tattoos
25th-Feb-2011 05:37 pm - day 5
purple eyeshadow
i did this one already for tumblr but i will do it again :D i want a guy who lets me do what i want and when i want i want a guy who challenges me and tells me no i want a guy who makes me a better person i want a guy who trusts undeniably i want a guy who knows who he is i want a guy who can dress i want a guy who has good hair i want a guy who can handle my family i want a guy who can handle my life i want a guy who can handle my job i want a guy who i could think about depending on i want a guy who gives me the option to be a trophy but would never let me settle for that i want a guy who can spit out lyrics that mean something to him i want a guy who shares my interests i want a guy who i can get in an intelligent debate with i want a guy who wants to know what my best friend knows i want a guy who knows my faults and promises to never bring them up in an argument i want a guy who will make fun of me i want a guy who i can make fun of i want a guy who is confident i want a guy who funny and care free and thats just the beginning...
24th-Feb-2011 09:04 am - day 4
purple eyeshadow
ten favorite songs and why do you like them....wow this is going to be hard. i am going to list y ten favorite bands and why i like them and pick my 3 fav songs of theirs because there is no way i can narrow it down

1. Boys Like Girls:: they have just gotten me through so much! i started listening to them back in 2006 and thought their songs were always spot on to what i thought/felt. top three songs:: holiday, go, someone like you
2. Every Avenue:: omg i swear these guys just like camped out in my brain when they wrote all their records like every thought i have ever had is in one songs atleast! top three songs:: the hell back home, between you and i, girl like that
3. All Time Low:: words cant describe the epicness that is all time low. they encompass so much of teenage angst/growing up/trying to be adult/party! whatever the mood or setting they are the soundtrack i go to! top three songs:: lost in stereo, therapy, remembering sunday
4. Breathe Carolina:: this band is my go to pick-me-up band with carefree lyrics but serious lessons underneath. they are just epic. top three songs:: the rescue, the birds and the bees, diamonds
5. Mayday Parade:: i feel like me and this band have just grown up together. we have been like best friends who have just been there for each other (them more for me than i for them haha) they are so familiar like that friend you will never forget. top three songs :: kids in love, three cheers for five years, miserable at best
6. The Word Alive:: oooooo nothing can explain just how perfect the word alive is for mornings i dont want to get up, days when i am just angry or mad, days i just feel like screaming, and working out! they are crazy awesome! top three :: epiphany, you're all i see, battle royale
7. Sparks the Rescue:: talk about fun summer carefree lounging at the beach/pool music and you got str! they are my go to summery weather album they are so fun and i cant wait for their new cd. top three songs :: i swear that she's the one, autumn, my heart radio
8. Artist Vs Poet:: another fun catchy band! they dive into deep topics but keep it sweet and caring and thats hard to do. i may like backup vocals a lil more but tarcy still kills it! top three songs:: car crash, favorite fix, broke but not broken
9. The Maine:: this is another band i feel like i have grown up with! they are like the best guy friends i have always wanted. top three songs:: growing up, the way we talk, into your arms
10. The Spill Canvas:: a list would not be complete with the best lyricists out there. their lyrics give me chills and want me to tattoo my entire body with all their songs. top three songs:: the tide, lullaby, staplegunned
23rd-Feb-2011 02:13 pm - day 3
purple eyeshadow
my room
-beige walls
-hardwood floors
-black dresser with mirror
-platform bed
-pink/black sheets
-tree with birds on the wall
-initials on the wall
-paris/london/new york bulletin boards with pictures
-black and white decor board
-bulletin word with "this song means a city to me" on it
-pink skinny mirror on door
-black/white seat/ottoman with storage
-hair and make up products every where
-3 3-draw organizers
-2 laundry baskets
-2 bookshelves that are full

and currently right now its messy i need to clean it up which i will most likely be doing this weekend since i didnt manage my $ the best this month and now am outa monday because i gotta pay rent come tuesday and am not working friday of this week or wednesday of next week! YIKES!
22nd-Feb-2011 09:34 am - day 2
purple eyeshadow
i seriously have the best friends in the entire world. like seriously the people who have been in my life for a while are like amazing. they are my back bone and my strength to go on and the best cheerleaders for my life! even though we arent in each others lives as much because we are all in different places i cherish our moments together and i love you and i will always just be a call/text/fb/twitter away!!

my new best friends are just amazing! they are so fun and joyful and gorgeous people! i love finding out more about them and them finding out about me. i love new relationships and watching them blossom and i love yall so much you guys mean a lot to me! my life would be less gorgeous without yall in it!

i have two friends in particular who mean a lot to me! one is my music soulmate and you are like my long lost other half. i swear i have never met the sister from another mister as much as i do with you. its crazy how we have known each other for so such a long time but are just recently discovering how much we are like each other you are amazing and beautiful and encouraging and supportive and have incredible taste in music and boys haha

and to the other: my wifey...you are amazing it makes me sad to realize that we are not as close as we used to be but in the end i know it is what is suppose to happen. we have been through so much and i love you very much and will never be the same because of you. my family really has adopted you and see you as another member of the crazy messed moore family. you are amazing and i am happy that you are happy and i know that are lives are headed in different directions now but i am always here and will always be and can always come an get ya if needed! i love you very much and you should always know that i am cheering for you.
21st-Feb-2011 02:35 pm - day 1
purple eyeshadow
1. i have never been out of the country or even west of mississippi
2. i bite my nails, been doing it since i was like 4
3. i have burnt myself in the shower before
4. i have an irrational paranoia of setting off the security alarms in stores
5. i have a scar on my foot
6. i change my hair based on my emotions
7. i hate feet
8. i say things weird like valentines, pen, can, both
9. when i am sad i drive through rich neighborhoods or go to hobby lobby
10. i have only flown twice in my whole
11. when i was little i wanted to be mark twain when i grew up, no not an author i wanted to be mark twain
12. i am obsessed with organizing/making lists/budgets
13. when i get upset about life i watch romantic movies that make me cry so i feel justified about crying
14. i want to make an impact and help people more than anything in the entire world
15. i nanny so i can pretend i am a kid again

i dont know if these were interesting or more like not as commonly known things about myself
21st-Feb-2011 02:09 pm - 30 day challenge
purple eyeshadow
there are like a million 30 day challenges on blogs and i am doing one on tumblr so i thought i would do one of the other ones on my lj so here it is

20th-Feb-2011 11:44 am - weekend
purple eyeshadow
friday night
i worked until like 8:30 and then came home and watched some glee and passed out

gym, wore a cute outfit, thrift store shopping got some cute clothes, cute shoes, and some good shirts to cut up yayy, then target and showed meredith my makeup secret :D and then ulta and got the best lipstick ever!!!! and then sallys for hair dye. then went grocery shopping and pretty much bought out aldis of everything fit and active haha then went home and did laundry and dyed hair and got ready! got some sushi with mae (look meredith i called you it haha)! had to call it an early night because i had to work sunday

woke up finished my laundry and got ready for work, got to work at 1030 gotta work until 330 then going to the parentals and cook/eat dinner and then home to clean up my room and watch some tv and chill gotta work all week and gym it up all week!!
18th-Feb-2011 10:23 am - productive
purple eyeshadow
been at work for 2 hours and already...

* have done two loads of laundry
* cleaned the kitchen
* RSVP'd Jonas to a party
* called and got quotes for getting a pool installed
* called in Jonas's prescription
* scheduled Drew a doctors appt
* made my shopping list
* got new smoothie recipes
* did a craft with Drake
* did Drake's worksheets

now all i have left to do is go get a lil girl a present, get drew to the doctor and pick up other boys at 3 and clean up the bed room and living room!! yayyyy productive days!

i am excited about my gym/all time low date tonight with meredith! then i am hitting up the gym, thrift store, grocery stores, ulta, and sallys tomorrow!! going to be a productive weekend yayyy
15th-Feb-2011 09:06 am - loving myself
purple eyeshadow
i have decided that i am going to slow down a little bit and take care of me...i feel like i have been neglecting myself..not eating the best, being sloppy when i go to work, just not giving myself all the TLC i deserve. it is SOOOOO important for everyone to do that

its also funny because i love watching youtube videos about different ways to do my hair and makeup and different crafts and such...i think i am going to start doing that more and more

i think i am going to limit my going out not because i dont enjoy it because i do but i feel like i need to focus more on me and i cant do that hungover all weekend since those are the only real times i get to myself and i think it will help me save a lot more money which i have not been doing haha and it will make me enjoy those weekends when i do go out so much more. i feel like since i do not have very much adult contact during the week at work that i just need it on the weekends but i do not have to go to a bar to get that contact

i am also a craft addict and i have like seven projects i want to start working on and i know how homely this sounds but i want to learn to like sew and knit so i can make more custom things because i love having things that other people dont haha i like to be original which is another reason i am sooo excited about going to the thrift store this weekend to find some cute vintage things and i think i will hit up collage consignment because i love that store!!!

i think this will really get me through the nest 5 weeks of down time until the real fun of my show weekends happen!!!
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