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18th-Feb-2011 10:23 am
purple eyeshadow
been at work for 2 hours and already...

* have done two loads of laundry
* cleaned the kitchen
* RSVP'd Jonas to a party
* called and got quotes for getting a pool installed
* called in Jonas's prescription
* scheduled Drew a doctors appt
* made my shopping list
* got new smoothie recipes
* did a craft with Drake
* did Drake's worksheets

now all i have left to do is go get a lil girl a present, get drew to the doctor and pick up other boys at 3 and clean up the bed room and living room!! yayyyy productive days!

i am excited about my gym/all time low date tonight with meredith! then i am hitting up the gym, thrift store, grocery stores, ulta, and sallys tomorrow!! going to be a productive weekend yayyy
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