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day 4 
24th-Feb-2011 09:04 am
purple eyeshadow
ten favorite songs and why do you like them....wow this is going to be hard. i am going to list y ten favorite bands and why i like them and pick my 3 fav songs of theirs because there is no way i can narrow it down

1. Boys Like Girls:: they have just gotten me through so much! i started listening to them back in 2006 and thought their songs were always spot on to what i thought/felt. top three songs:: holiday, go, someone like you
2. Every Avenue:: omg i swear these guys just like camped out in my brain when they wrote all their records like every thought i have ever had is in one songs atleast! top three songs:: the hell back home, between you and i, girl like that
3. All Time Low:: words cant describe the epicness that is all time low. they encompass so much of teenage angst/growing up/trying to be adult/party! whatever the mood or setting they are the soundtrack i go to! top three songs:: lost in stereo, therapy, remembering sunday
4. Breathe Carolina:: this band is my go to pick-me-up band with carefree lyrics but serious lessons underneath. they are just epic. top three songs:: the rescue, the birds and the bees, diamonds
5. Mayday Parade:: i feel like me and this band have just grown up together. we have been like best friends who have just been there for each other (them more for me than i for them haha) they are so familiar like that friend you will never forget. top three songs :: kids in love, three cheers for five years, miserable at best
6. The Word Alive:: oooooo nothing can explain just how perfect the word alive is for mornings i dont want to get up, days when i am just angry or mad, days i just feel like screaming, and working out! they are crazy awesome! top three :: epiphany, you're all i see, battle royale
7. Sparks the Rescue:: talk about fun summer carefree lounging at the beach/pool music and you got str! they are my go to summery weather album they are so fun and i cant wait for their new cd. top three songs :: i swear that she's the one, autumn, my heart radio
8. Artist Vs Poet:: another fun catchy band! they dive into deep topics but keep it sweet and caring and thats hard to do. i may like backup vocals a lil more but tarcy still kills it! top three songs:: car crash, favorite fix, broke but not broken
9. The Maine:: this is another band i feel like i have grown up with! they are like the best guy friends i have always wanted. top three songs:: growing up, the way we talk, into your arms
10. The Spill Canvas:: a list would not be complete with the best lyricists out there. their lyrics give me chills and want me to tattoo my entire body with all their songs. top three songs:: the tide, lullaby, staplegunned
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