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purple eyeshadow
so this weekend was a productive one

dollar theatre
sister sleepover
hobby lobby
fun night out with meredith
skinny jeaned skaters
plaid shirts
nana funks
zydeco favies
recover sunday

today has been good! got to work at 7 had to take the big boys to school. then me and drake came home and watched his v-day present (little rascals) and then we made a vday craft....then had a picnic and a walk around the neighborhood (i walked and he rode in the wagon) then he rode his bike around and drove his escalade haha he loves outside time! now we are in nap time! he is the best valentine ever.
14th-Feb-2011 09:08 am(no subject)
purple eyeshadow
dear darla
i hate your stinking guts.
you make me vomit.
you are scum between my toes
11th-Feb-2011 08:50 am - let the games begin
purple eyeshadow
i am actually at drakes house after a couple of days of running around. the hawthorne heights was amazing!! i love actually seeing bands thats music has seen me through the years. i got shwasted after the show though and totally did not plan on doing that! thank god though that i didnt have to go to work until 1030 because of the snow delaying school. then me and drake ran my errands and went by my familys house so he could play with stephen and nathan aka his best friends haha he is sooo cute.

today me and drake are catching up on all of our worksheets we have missed out on this week and then going to a lunch date with the lovely meredith and then to pack up some of my apartment! he is like my little shadow and could careless what we do just as long as we do something out of the house and somebody calls him cute haha...i hate packing its soo time consuming because i like pick up stuff and remember when i bought it or wore it or wrote it etc...but i think i am just going to hardcore pack tonight and then me and my sister are going to paint soing lyrics on my dresser in all different fun colors!! i am excited about that...

i move tomorrow at 4!!! i am excited because the new place i am moving into is a white house with blue shutters and if any of you understand just how obsessed i am with the notebook then you will understand just how excited that makes me feel!!

i think i am going to get a haircut next weekend and redye my hair since its not as vibrant as i want it! i have decided that theses next couple months were i have nothing exciting happening but birmingham is going to be spent on self-improvement! we will see how that goes haha....

i am ready for march 25th to get here!! also if anyone knows someone looking for a couple extra babysitting hours i am looking for a back up nanny to cover night and weekend shifts and maybe a couple weekday shifts but i will notify you in advance about any of those. i pretty much just need someone from like 5-7 m-f and then saturday and sunday. it will probably be like 20 hours a week....and then some weeks i may need someone on like friday for an all day shift. so just let me know if you know of anyone!

oh please check out my new fav blog http://wearblush.tumblr.com/
9th-Feb-2011 08:59 am - rescue me from everything
purple eyeshadow
so i am jamming out like emo 14 year old rachael today since i am going to see hawthorne heights!!! yayyy my lil sister is coming and maybe the pIc is coming too but i understand if she doesnt

i have both little boys today again because jonas is still feeling yucky. they are drawing and watching some movies i hope today is an easy day *crosses fingers* my daddy is coming by to get my car to get the headlight and license plate light replaced so i can take care of the two tickets i got ugh

i have to start packing. i am like the biggest procrastinator ever! i am moving out saturday and have not packed up a thing! and like the power, gas, and water are all getting cut off the 15th so i dont want to be there after that! i think i am staying in friday night to pack things up so #lame but i need to do it and then i will probably go out saturday

ugh one of the big boys has a literary summary due on the boy in the striped pajamas and i of course have to help him with it and he of course has not finished the book yet..thank god i have seen the movie and there are summaries online

i am ready for the show tonight!
7th-Feb-2011 12:32 pm - ohio is for lovers
purple eyeshadow
so today has been a good day! i am only coughing a little bit and drake has been an angel all day! we watched a couple movies, played cars, and did his worksheets for the day! tomorrow we are doing the library thing and the rest of the week i am taking him to my place to help me start packing things up since i am moving out this weekend.

i need to go to the gym today since i havent gone in like four days and am really upset about that :( but i needed to start breathing again before i could go to the gym haha

i just found out that at the end of this month i am back on the insurance so i can get back on all my meds. i however will not get on adderrall because of my moms stupid new crap prescription plan i have to find an alternative to that though. i will get back on all my other medicines which is fantastic. i just have to go to the doctors.

also sharon told me she was looking into hiring a backup nanny for me because she is about to get really busy taking some extra job opportunities and she knows that i cant always work since i have some mini vacations planned with my partner in crime and music soulmate!

i am excited about hawthorne heights this week its going to be a lot of fun! good show i am sure! this weekend was a lot of fun! i didnt do anything on friday except watch movies and then pass out at like 9 then saturday i did some errands hung out with vcard and then went to mellissas party!! haha had sooooo much fun at that! cant wait for my package to come in haha and then went out! got an unexpected text from a california boy that made my night a little more entertaining haha....sunday i laid in bed until 6ish and then went to the parentals to have dinner and do laundry. now i am at work and its nap time :D one of my fav times of the day!

so ready for wednesday and then march!
3rd-Feb-2011 12:55 pm(no subject)
purple eyeshadow

i want this! this is my goal to purchase this before my adventures with my partner in crime! i wanna document our fun in Polaroids!! along with digital and flip!
3rd-Feb-2011 09:18 am - pop tarts and diet coke
purple eyeshadow
today has been a challenge already.
i dont feel well and ask anyone who has lived with me. i am a poor pitiful baby when i am sick. i am in a bad mood and complain about anything and everything. i have tried to have my big girl pants on for this sickness. you know going about my normal business. just taking some dayquil or nyquil and living my life. but i have decided that tonight i am not going to the gym i am just going to lay low and watch movies and drink some fluids and pass out at like 7 so that i can have some fun this weekend!
this morning i got to work and sharon informed me that i have jonas and drake today because jonas is sick with the same thing i have. which isnt a big deal i used to watch them both every day so i can handle that with my eyes closes (which i kinda planned on doing). but then she left me like a list of chores to do because she is having family over tonight. which is fine i mean sharon does so much for me and like i have 3 hours free during naptime that i can do them but when i already am sick and now having two kids instead of one (one kid who will NOT nap) its just a little stressful! i dont want to let her down but seriously i have been coming into work all week even though i feel like shit!
ok enough complaining about work. so i guess my friendship is over with this certain person. i got a cryptic text and then a phone call while i was passed out. and then whenever i have tried to call in the past three days no answers. so i guess thats just what she wants. which sucks an asshole but i am trying not to dwell on it.
i am however so excited about my couple mini va-cays coming up with one of my favorite people! but it makes me sad because if i were living somewhere else *cough atlanta cough* then i wouldnt have to take vacation it would just be a special night out. i feel like some many people are moving on to bigger and better things but i am just sitting here being the same ole rachael whose a nanny and hangs out at zydeco. i am ready to move on. and i want to move somewhere where people dont know me. where i can go into a bar and not know everyone's story. the person next to me isnt my old friends ex hookup or a brother in the frat i used to hang out at or friends with my ex. that would be nice. move to a place where i could introduce myself as desiree from buddha fuck, MS and no one would know the difference (not that i would want to but just having the option excites me!)
also i know this seems retarded but i think i am going to start watching smallville again to see how they had a certain someone get over the heart break of her life to maybe get some tips from them i know pathetic but i am grasping anywhere i can....
but enough of the emo hate my life post gonna do one a little bit more fun
31st-Jan-2011 12:49 pm - roller coaster
purple eyeshadow
this weekend was a mix of emotions...i had soooo much fun just be bopping around on friday with my partner in crime. and then saturday i kept it chill going to grab lunch in homewood with the brosef and then going to railroad park and yogurt/smoothie with meredith. then i came home watched some tv and passed out at like 9:30 i know #lame!

then sunday i felt like every emotion possible. i went and saw some people who i used to see like 3 times a week and were like my second family! it was great to catch up and see them and i love them very much. but it brought back a lot of feelings. pain. sadness. joy. longing. i still dont know how i felt about the situation. then i went through another array of emotions talking to someone else about my past. i feel like my past just needs to be my past and even though it was intense i just need to leave it there. dwelling on it now just makes things harder.

but then i went to merediths and watch hotttttt shaun white in his tigh black skinny jeans dominate on the x games and then tried stalking jack on hollys world but he made no appearance :( i need to find the first episode like STAT! its very crucial! haha

i think i am going to hit up the gym tonight when i get off work and then i am going to go eat with meredith on her cheat night! yay! haha i like going to the gym it makes me forget about my worries and pumps me up! hopefully i will continue to feel this way about the gym so that i will have a balling body for warped and the move to atlanta (fingers crossed)
28th-Jan-2011 09:14 am - long shifts :/
purple eyeshadow
i have to work until 8 tonight and that kinda sucks but its lots of money so thats always good! and i am getting ready at work so i am just going to leave from here and pick up meredith and go to workplay! i am excited about seeing a thousand horses tonight and all that comes with that haha... i just hope this day goes by quickly! i think i am going to take drake on another walk today since i am not going to be able to make it to the gym tonight :( i am also planning on shower at naptime so i ca do my hair later haha i am such a nerd when it comes to my hair! but anyways gotta go do some letter, number, and color worksheets! yay!!
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